NexALL CRM is a secure, comprehensive, and convenient day-to-day IT solution designed primarily for attorneys, lawyers, tax and accounting advisors, and other specific service providers to seamlessly manage and document all critical business processes, including processing and analyzing relevant information. NexALL CRM functionality includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Client management
  2. Contact management
  3. Case (task) management
  4. Time and cost management
  5. Sophisticated billing functionality
  6. Integrated AML Due Diligence & Sanction Check functionality including automated monitoring towards Sanction lists
  7. Reporting and Analysis functionality including monthly reports on client cases and workload and performance of the system users.

Planned improvements:

  1. Internal task management
  2. HR solutions including vacation management
  3. Digital document storage
  4. Document Management System module
  5. Billing followup and debt management including automated payment tracking and reminder solution
NexALL CRM can be used by any service providers to track their client related data and manage the billing process. However, due to the built-in functionality, this tool will be especially useful for companies (entities) that need to develop internal control systems and otherwise meet the specific requirements of Anti Money Laundering or Terrorist and Proliferation Financing Prevention, including:
  1. Attorneys at law
  2. Sworn notarie
  3. Other independent providers of legal services
  4. Insolvency administrators
  5. Sworn auditors
  6. Outsourced accountants
  7. Real estate brokers
  8. Tax consultants
  9. Business start-up and service providers
  10. Organizers of lotteries and gambling
  11. Credit institutions
  12. Financial institutions
    1. Private pension funds
    2. Investment broker companies
    3. Investment management companies
    4. Alternative investment fund managers
    5. Life insurance companies
    6. Reinsurance companies
    7. Electronic money institutions
To agree on a demonstration of NexALL CRM or to discuss the functionality of the system, write to or call +371 24 608 390


  • For the first 5 users - 22.50 EUR plus VAT per month (paying per year) or 25.00 EUR plus VAT per month, paying for each month separately
  • For each subsequent active user of the system - 13.50 EUR plus VAT per month (paying for a year) or 15.00 EUR plus VAT per month, paying for each month separately
  • Migration of existing customer data to NexALL CRM - depending on the complexity of the data format and structure